FISHING - 2020

The Tall Poppy Omokoroa Boat Club Fishing Competition 2020

The Omokoroa Boat Club’s fishing competitions took place on Sunday 1st March for the kids and 13/14th March for the adults. It was fantastic The Omokoroa Boat Club’s fishing competitions took place on Sunday 1st March for the kids and 13/14th March for the adults. It was fantastic to see so many entries this year with a record 100 kids and 125 adults taking part.

It was mill pond calm on the harbour at the 6am Sunday morning start for the kids’ competition. As with last year it was those parents who could persuade their children to get up early being rewarded with the best of the fishing. However, one very relaxed youngster decided to only start fishing at 2.30pm and still had something to weigh in at 4pm. Lots of well conditioned snapper were landed but numbers of trevally and kahawai were down on last year. However, one kingfish was landed, by Lola Weir, which was great to see. Story of the day was Ada McMillan, age 8, reeling in a good sized snapper when a bronze whaler shark decided it was hungry.

It took the snapper from right beside the boat while breaching completely clear of the water. Ada thought it great fun but her Mum was more than a little shaken by the whole experience and required a stiff drink at the bar afterwards. Thanks to the generous sponsorship from many of the local businesses, all the kids received goody bags containing some great items and fish and chips from Skippers restaurant included in their ticket price.

The adults’ competition started at 6pm on Friday 13th, which was not a good omen for those of a superstitious nature. However, with lovely warm conditions and flat clam seas everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Some competitors did so well that they didn’t even bother to fish on the Saturday! The fine conditions carried into Sunday and it was great to see so many boats out on the harbour trying to bag the big one. Weigh in was busy, with one lady competitor sprinting from her boat to make the weigh in with 4 seconds to spare and the fish still twitching.

Lots of great snapper were landed along with many good sized kahawai and three kingies also weighed in. It is heartening to see that the harbour fishery seems to be thriving and it is easy to forget how lucky we are to be living in a such an amazing place. Prize giving was a hoot with a great selection of prizes (and spot prizes for those who hadn’t been so lucky). It was also good to see people taking their re-hydrating seriously after a long day out in the harbour in the sunshine.

A huge thank you to Rachel Millard at Tall Poppy Real Estate for once again being lead sponsor and to all our other wonderful sponsors. Without their donations and spot prizes this great local competition could not happen.

Finally, thank you to all the Committee members involved in the organizing of this event and to Fee, our club manager, for all her efforts. I look forward to seeing you all next year.

Tight lines!

Tim Raeburn
Commodore OBC


Heaviest Snapper 0-7YRS GIRLS: Ariana Roach Weight: 3.220kg

2nd Heaviest Snapper 0-7YRS GIRLS: Lola Weir Weight: 1.124kg

Heaviest Snapper 0-7YRS BOYS: Quinn Evered Weight: 1.590kg

2nd Heaviest Snapper 0-7YRS BOYS: Evan Baldwin Weight: 1.090kg

Heaviest Trevally 0-7YRS GIRLS: Samantha Pelham Weight: 1.110kg

Heaviest Trevally 0-7YRS BOYS: None entered Weight:

Heaviest Kahawai 0-7YRS GIRLS: Lucy McMillan Weight: 0.908kg

Heaviest Kahawai 0-7YRS BOYS: None entered Weight:

Heaviest Snapper 8-14YRS GIRLS: Ruby Turner Weight: 2.414kg

2nd Heaviest Snapper 8-14YRS GIRLS: Mackensie Vickers Weight: 1.890kg

Heaviest Snapper 8-14YRS BOYS: Ryan Vickers Weight: 2.850kg

2nd Heaviest Snapper 8-14YRS BOYS: Sam Scott Weight: 2.386kg

Heaviest Trevally 8-14YRS GIRLS: Charlotte Elsmore Weight: 2.922kg

Heaviest Trevally 08-14YRS BOYS: Ryan Vickers Weight: 0.796kg

Heaviest Kahawai 8-14YRS GIRLS: Bridget Hinton Weight: 2.328kg

Heaviest Kahawai 08-14YRS BOYS: Cohen Watts Weight: 0.502kg

Heaviest Kingfish BOYS + GIRLS (Both Age Groups): Lola Weir Weight: 4.904kg

Average Kahawai BOYS + GIRLS (Both Age Groups) Lucy McMillan Weight: 0.908kg

Snapper Heaviest WOMENS: Nicky Raeburn Weight: 3.652kg

Snapper Heaviest MENS: Peter Hinton Weight: 3.714kg

Heaviest Kingfish (OVERALL): Gethin Baldwin Weight: 9.396kg

Heaviest Trevally (OVERALL): Gavin Roach Weight: 2.164kg

Heaviest Kahawai WOMENS: Peggy Fitzgerald Weight: 2.018kg

Heaviest Kahawai MENS: Chay Elesmore Weight: 2.868kg

Snapper 2nd Prize WOMENS: Tania Vickers Weight: 3.028kg

Snapper 2nd Prize MENS: Gavin Roach Weight: 3.232kg

Snapper AVERAGE WEIGHT: Lauchlan McGregor Weight: 1.486kg

Kahawai AVERAGE WEIGHT: Joel Sheeley Weight: 1.744kg