FISHING - 2019

The Tall Poppy Omokoroa Boat Club Fishing Competition 2019

The Omokoroa Boat Club’s fishing competitions were separated by two weeks this year. The Kids’ competition took place on Sunday 3rd March (NZ Children’s Day) and the Adults’ competition on 15/16th March.

The conditions were outstanding on both weekends – maybe even too good for the kids’ competition. Those that could entice their young ones out early for the 6am start had the best of the fishing. The water was exceedingly clear in the harbour and as soon as the sun got high in the sky the fish seemed to go off the bite. As ever, though, there are always exceptions to the rule. The winning 2.8kg snapper in the 8-14 year old section was caught at 2.30pm by Tommy Moon and was his new personal best! Good numbers of trevally, kahawai and snapper were caught but no kingfish this year for the kids. We had 91 entries which was great to see and prize giving was a hoot, with all kids receiving a goody bag and fish and chips from Skippers Restaurant, included in the ticket price. Seeing these young people having such a good time out on the water with their parents is really what makes this event worthwhile.

The adults’ completion started on Friday evening at 6pm although quite few boats were on the water slightly early. An investigation was launched but all members of those vessels were found to be in the boat club making sure they were fully hydrated before the long night ahead. With 94 entries the harbour was lit up like a Christmas tree! Flat calm conditions and not a breath of wind meant the whoops when a big one was landed could be heard far and wide as could the laughter from those not taking the fishing quite so seriously.

Saturday morning saw competitors strewn throughout the harbour with secret spots being not so secret with the arrival of daylight. Nearly everybody came home with a feed of snapper and four kingfish were also weighed. The number of kahawai and trevally caught were down from last year but those fish that were weighed in were all a very good size.

Comedy highlights this year were a couple on Friday night who on catching a large trevally weren’t sure if it was a king fish or a trevally. They have been sent a ‘Fishes of New Zealand Book’ on behalf of the boat club for next year. One contestant nearly lost the out board off the back of his boat after one of the clamps came loose. Had it not been for the tight grip he had on the tiller, he would have been rowing home.

Finally, a well known member of the club lost his brand new collapsible bucket over the side when he had a massive hit on his rod that nearly caused him to fall over the side with surprise and excitement. The bucket and fish were never to been seen again.

A massive thank you to Rachel Millard at Tall Poppy Real Estate for being lead sponsor this year and to all our other wonderful sponsors. The spot prizes and donations from these local businesses enable this competition to happen and are what make it really special.

Thank you to all the committee members but especially Stew Weir for their hard work in organizing this event. Thank you also to Rachel our bar manager for all her efforts. It is a real community event and I look forward to seeing you all next year.

Tight lines!

Tim Raeburn
Commodore OBC


Heaviest Snapper 0-7 GIRLS: Hayliegh Evered Weight: 1.066kg 

2nd Heaviest Snapper 0-7 GIRLS: Lilly Watts Weight: 0.874kg

Heaviest Snapper 0-7 BOYS: Evan Baldwin Weight: 1.112kg

2nd Heaviest Snapper 0-7 BOYS: Lachlan King Weight: 1.084kg

Heaviest Trevally 0-7 GIRLS: Paige Moriarty-Rae Weight: 1.798kg

Heaviest Trevally 0-7 BOYS: Evan Ironside Weight: 1.722kg

Heaviest Kahawai 0-7 GIRLS: Lilly Watts Weight: 1.064kg

Heaviest Kahawai 0-7 BOYS: Wilfred Chatfield Weight: 2.030kg

Heaviest Snapper 8-14 GIRLS: Ella Ryan Weight: 1.676kg 

2nd Heaviest Snapper 8-14 GIRLS: Thea Roest Weight: 1.624kg

Heaviest Snapper 8-14 BOYS: Tommy Moon Weight: 2.800kg

2nd Heaviest Snapper 8-14 BOYS: Sam Ryan Weight: 1.704kg

Heaviest Trevally 8-14 GIRLS: Imogen Hodgson Weight: 2.216kg

Heaviest Trevally 08-14 BOYS: Ryan Vickers Weight: 2.304kg

Heaviest Kahawai 8-14 GIRLS: Charlotte Elsmore Weight: 1.910kg

Heaviest Kahawai 08-14 BOYS: Noah Farrell Weight: 2.250kg

Average Kahawai (Combined): Cohen Watts Weight: 1.280kg

Snapper Heaviest WOMENS: Emma Sheely Weight: 2.186kg

Snapper Heaviest MENS: Angus Raeburn Weight: 2.918kg

Heaviest Kingfish (OVERALL): Steven Wallace Weight: 10.586kg

Heaviest Trevally (OVERALL): Scott Kirk Weight: 2.624kg

Heaviest Kahawai WOMENS: Emma Sheely Weight: 1.786kg

Heaviest Kahawai MENS: Wade Roest Weight: 2.264kg

Snapper 2nd Prize WOMENS: Nicky Raeburn Weight: 2.044kg

Snapper 2nd Prize MENS: Allan Bond Weight: 2.596kg

Snapper AVERAGE WEIGHT: Kushla Moriarty-Rae Weight: 1.498kg

Kahawai AVERAGE WEIGHT: Emma Sheely Weight: 1.786kg