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Waitangi Day 2021

The official Results and photographs of Waitangi Day.

First - Golden Centreboard - 'Capri' Amanda and Inge
Second - Scout Sunburst - Alice and Hilary
Third - 'Luke' - Richard and Steffi
Fourth - 'Leah' - Richard K and Nicky
Fifth - 'Rob G' - Alice and John
Sixth - 'Yoda' - The Moreton family
Seventh - 'Solo' - Chris and Gordon
Eighth - 'Seabird - Richard M

Special thanks to Sarah Aldridge for the photos.

Waitangi Day 2021 - Sailors and rescue boat crews before the event Waitangi Day 2021 - First Golden Centreboard - 'Capri' Amanda and Inge Waitangi Day 2021 - Second Scout Sunburst - Alice and Hilary Waitangi Day 2021 - Third'Luke' - Richard and Steffi Waitangi Day 2021 - Leah and Rob G Omokoroa Boat Club Waitangi Day 2021 - Luke, Leah, Scout and Rob-G Omokoroa Boat Club Waitangi Day 2021 - Sixth - 'Yoda' - The Moreton family Omokoroa Boat Club Waitangi Day 2021 - Eighth - 'Seabird - Richard M Waitangi Day 2021 Waitangi Day 2021 Waitangi Day 2021 Waitangi Day 2021 Waitangi Day 2021 Waitangi Day 2021 Waitangi Day 2021 Waitangi Day 2021 Waitangi Day 2021 Waitangi Day 2021 - Winners, Amanda Mc Daniel and Inge Van Hedel accepting the Golden Centre Board from Commodore Steve Willoughby after the race which they sailed in Capri, a Mistral dinghy

Sunday 22nd November 2020

A fleet of seven yachts signed on for the event which was a short harbour sail around Motuhoa Island starting at D mark off Omokoroa point.

The wind was South Westerly and supposed to veer to North West but it didn"t it was also supposed to rain and thunder but that didn"t happen either.

We started at 10.17 and we were, Against all odds with Lloyd and Murray, Wayleggo, Goldie, Konini for the Keeler division Wayfarer and Piccaninny for the Trailer yachts and Wets a folding trimaran with Gerry and Chris on board.

The start was gentle at first under the lea of Omokoroa Point but then we caught the breeze which was plus 10 knots gusting 15 to 20.

Piccaninniy made a brave start but was soon caught by Konini Wayleggo Wayfarer and Wata, Goldie soon was in the mix and Against All Odds was down wind.

As we neared the first mark, Alan"s first and third photos, the big rigs took off AAO in the second shot looked really good and Goldie in the 4th was not far away.

In the lead were wayfarer and Weta.all yachts made a great sight as they powered down harbour narrowly avoiding the Matakana Ferry!!

At the turn on to the main Te Puna Channel all yachts had to harden up and tack after tack make their way up the channel to Te Puna.

Many showed the benefits of clean hulls and fresh anti fouling.

On Piccaninny we were well back from the leaders and only caught part of the action as were blasted to the starboard mark off Matakana Island.

The first yachts were finishing as we changed headsails for the home ward stretch. First home was Wayleggo followed by Goldie, then Wayfarer followed by Konini Against All Odds, Weta and finally Piccaninny.

It was a testing sail and HATS off to Wayfarer and Weta for great sailing, also thanks to Alan and Johan on Pic for a great balancing act!!

Well done all.

The next event is a short harbour on Sunday 6th December, briefing at 9.30.

John Budden - Sailing Convenor

Omokoroa Boat Club November 202 Omokoroa Boat Club November 202 Omokoroa Boat Club November 202 Omokoroa Boat Club November 202

Winter Sailing Results

Omokoroa 30 August 2020 Report
The weather forecast was great: a westerly up to 25 knots. This should have suited the big boys in their big machines.

The race started at 12:08 pm in a gentle westerly. The course was start at 'D' mark up at Omokoroa and down to the Panepane wharf near the Tauranga harbour entrance, then the TePuna Channel before finishing again at 'D' mark.

On the first leg, some flew spinnakers but on occasions they should not have, as the wind kept coming from all sorts of directions, but finally they all made Panepane wharf. First around was Wayfarer, followed by Wayleggo and Against All Odds. Goldie and Konini followed. From here on the fun started.

Against All Odds decided to take a short cut home via Hunters Creek. A fixed keel and a deep draft did not work. It was a time for coffee and muffins while waiting for the incoming tide to lift the boat. Next boat to take short cut was Wayleggo. They tried to get home via Rangiwea Island. It was time for their coffee and muffins. I hope Heather put them on board.

Motuhoa Island, on the south side, is notorious for sub channels going off the main channel. All these sub channels come to a dead stop just before the island. Guess which boat could not resist trying to go up one? Yes it was Against All Odds. It was not the skippers fault, the boat just took charge and decided to go. More muffins.

Meantime Wayfarer, Goldie and Konini were heading for home.

The finish was Wayfarer, Goldie, Wayleggo, Konini and Against All Odds.

The winter season could not have finished on a higher note with a great event and snacks back at the club house.

Winner on line was Andrew Mc Lennan in Wayfarer with assistance from Geoff. First on Handicap was Hugh and Heather Reynolds in Wayleggo.

A great series hard fought and well Sailed Matt from the September Lizard please, Summer Sailing programme nearly ready!!

Thanks to all.

John Budden - Sailing Convenor

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OBC 2019 Prize Winners

Sporting Trophies:
Pool Singles :- Alan Deane
Pool Doubles:- Warwick White and Steve Aldridge.
Anthony Avery Pool Trophy:- Matthew Farrell.
T Edwards Darts Trophy:- Andrew Ridley.

Fishing Trophies:
Snapper:- Bridie Hinton 4.234kg
Kingfish:- Jack Beattie 14.024kg. (Also won the Wattie Crapp Cup)
Trevally:- Andrea Willoughby 2.270kg
Kawahi:- David Rolfe 2.470kg
John Dory:- Tim Raeburn 2.318kg
Gurnard:- Nick Drake 0.675kg
Largest Fish in Harbour Shields: Senior Jack Beattie, Junior Cohen Watts.
Fisher Persons of the year:- Stew and Zac Weir.
Stan Rogers Memorial Trophy:- Tim Raeburn.

Junior Sailing Trophies:
Wilson Cup:- Makayla Morgan.
Budden Trophy most improved :- Emily Aldridge
New Optimist sailor:- Alice Miller
Sunbursts:- Henry Ahearn
Vikings:- Akira Cook
New Sunburst Sailor:- Seb Newman
Waitangi Day Golden Centre Board:- Alex Annan.

Senior Sailing Trophies:
Livingstone Cup ( Line Honours) Keelers -Richard Miller "Invincible"
Hiskin Cup ( Handicap ) Trailer Yachts )Diogo D'Ajuda "Rosie"
Coulson Cup for Karewa Island events
1st equal Richard Miller " Invincible" and John Budden "Piccaninny"
Patrons Plate:- Jo and Paul Uttinger "Sophie Rose" Barrier Island Cruise.
Bush Cruising Trophy:- Richard Miller "Invincible"
Sam Snowden Trophy best presented Yacht:- "Little Gem "The Miller Family
Captain Crapp Cup most improved crew:- The Miller family "Little Gem"
Merv Anderson Trophy for consistency:- Diogo D'Ajuda "Rosie".
G Crapp Memorial for most events sailed:- Richard Miller "Invincible"
Walsh Cruising Cup for winter series :- Jo and Paul Uttinger "Sophie Rose".
Mono Cup for single handed sailing:- Keith Heron "Daylight Robbery"
Ladies Trophy Jo Uttinger "Sophie Rose"
Vivian Crapp Cup for multi hulls:- Bruce McCabe " Murungaru"
Roberts Family Trophy :- The Miller Family "Little Gem"
Crapp Memorial smallest yacht competing John Budden "Piccaninny"

Rowing Shields:
Mens' Shield :- Tim Raeburn
Ladies' Shield :- Robbie Banks.
Juniors' Shield :- Benny Drake.

Sports Trophy Winners 2019 Fishing Trophy Winners 2019 Junior Sailing Trophy Winners 2019 Senior Sailing Trophy Winners 2019


Well, we were so lucky with the weather on Sunday 28 April. Rain clouds all round the hills but the bay remained calm, rain and wind stayed away.

With the "course" laid and an avid crowd of duck “owners” (as all 200 had been sold) and interested bystanders, the 9th Duck Race was on. The ducks were scrabbling to escape their bag for their annual outing. The race was amazingly even but eventually the four leaders were rounded up. The winner was Steve Clarke - our very own chef of Skippers, 2nd was Sarah Aldridge, 3rd was Caitlin Adams and 4th Lolita Edwards. Having started the race, Patron Terry Edwards awarded the four prizes. The balance funds ($800) were then donated to the Omokoroa Pahoia Sea Scouts.

The Men's Rowing race was then readied for the off with a large field of seven able bodied males lined up. The course was from the Club deck to the foot of Omokoroa Road, then an out to sea leg and back to the Club.

At the off all were away including Lawrence "the lion" rowing a suitably coloured dinghy. There were two rubber ducks and five traditional dinghies. After a very close run Commodore Tim put in a strong row to win 1st place and shield and also edged out John Budden in 2nd, 3rd was Chris Moon, 4th Richard Miller, 5th Peter Catcheside, 6th Steve Guiness and 7thLawrence "the lion" Daly.

Next up the Ladies with a strong field of five fit girls lined up all in traditional dinghies. At the start Robbie powered away with Nicky, Louise, Angela and Andrea sorting out their oars and personal space. At the first turn Robbie had an overpowering lead and took first with the shield, but second and third were up for grabs, Nicky and Louise rowed their hearts out but Nicky kept her cool and stroke to get 2nd (with 2 feet in the air to prove it), 3rd was Louise, 4th Angela and 5th Andrea. Well done girls.

After the Ladies it was the turn of the Juniors with their kayaks on the water.

Benny Drake and George Miller had really serious vessels whilst Emily and Alice had more basic models. At the off Benny and George took off in an epic struggle but the girls were still in the paddle. Benny won by a short head to get 1st and the shield, George 2nd, Emily 3rd and Alice a really game 4th.

Many thanks to all who bought ducks, all the rowers and paddlers, the rescue boat crews (and duck recoverers), Commodore Tim , Bar Manager Rachel and Terry Edwards our Patron for awarding the prizes. Finally, Club Captain Steve Willoughby for proving an outstanding commentary during the races. Well done all.

John Budden
Sailing Convenor OBC

2019 Duck Race 2019 Duck Race 2010 Duck Race 2019 Duck Race Start of Men's Rowing - from right to left:  Tim Raeburn, John Budden, Chris Moon, Richard Miller, Steve Lawrence and Peter Catcheside Commodore Tim Raeburn finishing first with John Budden coming in second Ladies Race - Robbie Banks, Andrea Willoughby, Louise Turner, Angela Farrell, Nicky Raeburn Ladies Race - Robbie Banks, Andrea Willoughby, Louise Turner, Angela Farrell, Nicky Raeburn Robbie Banks - winner of the Ladies Race Second place getter Nicky Raeburn 2019 Duck & Rowing Race