Omokoroa Boat Club, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Omokoroa Boat Club - Past events photo gallery

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Annual Duck and Rowing Race

Date Held: March 2017

Men's Rowing:
1st Hugh Reynolds
2nd Tim Raeburn
3rd John Budden
Women Rowing:
1st Heather Reynolds
2nd Louise Turner
3rd Nicky Raeburn
Youth Kayaking:
1st Lilly Alton
2nd Angus Raeburn
3rd Amy McMann
Winning Duck:
Fiona Lynch
2017 Duck Race 2017 Winner Hugh Reynolds 2017 Winner Heather Reynolds 2017 Start Youth kayaking 2017 Start Ladies Rowing 2017 Mens Rowing start 2017 First 3 home

Kids Christmas Party

Date Held: 14th December 2014

The Children's Christmas Party photos can be viewed and ordered from the link below

Rock N Roll Party

Date Held: 4th May 2013

P1000590 P1000591 P1000592 P1000595 P1000601 P1000603 P1000607 P1000608 P1000612 P1000613 P1000614 P1000616 P1000617 P1000629 P1000630

Annual Open Day

Date Held: Sunday 17th March

Andrea Willoughby Colouring in Ducks are crossing the finish line Heather Reynolds Hugh Reynolds John Budden Ladies race - start line Mens race - they are off Mens race start line The ducks are set free The mens entries The winners - Hugh and Heather Reynolds Well done ladiesWeb Photo Viewer by v3.1

Paul Ubana Jones

Date Held: January 2013

P1000471 P1000473 P1000475 P1000481 P1000482 P1000484

New Year Party 2013

Date Held: 1 January 2013

P1000438 P1000443 P1000454 P1000458 P1000460 P1000462 P1000464

Adult Christmas Party 2012

Date Held: December 2012

P1000342 P1000347 P1000355 P1000358 P1000359 P1000364 P1000366

Kids Christmas Party 2012

Date Held: December 2012

P1000371 P1000372 P1000373 P1000381 P1000391 P1000393 P1000400 P1000408 P1000413 P1000418 P1000421 P1010555 P1010556 P1010557 P1010561 P1010569 P1010573 P1010574 P1010577 P1010578 P1010583 P1010584

Acacia Park and Friendship Club Christmas Afternoon Tea

Date Held: 2012

P1000322 P1000324


Date Held: 4th November 2012

P1000270 P1000273 P1000274 P1000276 P1000279 P1000282 P1000285 P1000288 P1000289 P1000295 P1000304 P1000310 P1000311 P1000312 P1000314

Ladies Fashion Workshop

Date Held: 17th October 2012.

P1000223 P1000229 P1000232 P1000234 P1000237 P1000238 P1000239 P1000240 P1000241 P1000244 P1000246 P1000248 P1000249 P1000250 P1000251 P1000252

Jazz Sunday

Date Held: 30th September 2012.

P1000203 P1000207 P1000209 P1000210 P1000211 P1000212 P1000214 P1000216 P1000217 P1000220 P1000221 P1000222

'Gish' the comedian

Date Held: 11th August 2012.

P1000185 P1000188 P1000190 P1000191 P1000192 P1000193 P1000194 P1000195 P1000196 P1000197 P1000199

Annual Pool Competition


Winner: Eddie Staessens

P1000008 P1000010 P1000011 P1000019 P1000020 P1000021 P1000022 P1000023 P1000027 P1000028 P1000032 P1000033

The finalists Mark Dodd and Eddie Staessens
The finalists Mark Dodd and Eddie Staessens
 Semi finalists Rosie and Mark
Semi finalists Rosie and Mark
Semi finalists Merv and Eddie
Semi finalists Merv and Eddie
Commodore Phil presenting Eddie with his trophy
Commodore Phil presenting Eddie with his trophy
Good to see the girls playing.
Good to see the girls playing