Omokoroa Boat Club, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Fishing at Omokoroa Boat Club

2018 contest Kids Sunday 4th March, Adults 9th and 10th March tickets at the bar.

First National Real Estate Sponsored Kids Fishing Competition 2018

Sunday March 4th saw 68 children and their families head out into Tauranga harbour for the annual Omokoroa Boat Club childrens’ fishing competition. The overnight wind had dropped and 6am saw calm waters and a beautiful sun rise. This year saw most competitors catch multiple fish with good numbers of trevally, snapper and lots of very good sized kahawai being caught. The only species that didn’t turn up were the kingfish with none being landed. Prize giving took place in the boat club with all the children receiving a goody bag and free fish and chips.

A big thank you to all the local businesses that supported the competition whether with donations or spot prizes and especially to First National Real Estate for being lead sponsor. We look forward to seeing you all next year.


0-7 years old

Heaviest Snapper Boys: Luca Goodwin 2.250kg, Second Heaviest, Griff Baldwin 1.688kg

Heaviest Snapper Girls: Mila Goodwin 2.200kg, Second Heaviest, Lola Weir 1.052kg

Heaviest Kahawai Boys: Cohen Watts 2.110kg

Heaviest Kahawai Girls: Dylan Van Heerden 1.808kg

Average weight Kahawai: Evan Baldwin 1.560 kg

Heaviest Trevally Boys: Griff Baldwin 0.688kg

Heaviest Trevally Girls: Hayley Evered 0.722kg

8-14 years old

Heaviest Snapper Boys: Baxter Rose 2.276kg, Second Heaviest, Jett Chatfield 1.792kg

Heaviest Snapper Girls: Millie Roest 1.936kg, Second Heaviest Bridget Hinton 1.634kg

Heaviest Kahawai Boys: Cody King 2.170kg

Heaviest Kahawai Girls: Liv Hawkins 2.698kg

Average weight Kahawai: Imogen Hodgson 1.284kg

Heaviest Trevally Boys: Mikayde Allan 1.674kg

Heaviest Trevally Girls: Ella Drake 1.128kg

Kids Fishing Competition Kids Fishing Competition Kids Fishing Competition Kids Fishing Competition Kids Fishing Competition Kids Fishing Competition Kids Fishing Competition Kids Fishing Competition Kids Fishing Competition

Snapper Heaviest WOMENS:
Name: CYNTHIA WARU Weight: 2.230
Snapper Heaviest MENS:
Name: JEREMY TURNER Weight: 2.280
Heaviest Kingfish (OVERALL):
Name: NICKY RAEBURN Weight: 7.45
Heaviest Trevally (OVERALL):
Name: NICK DRAKE Weight: 1.370
Heaviest Kahawai WOMES:
Name: TANIA HAPETA Weight: 1.910
Heaviest Kahawai MENS
Name: DOMINIC DALY Weight: 0.310

Spot Prizes / Auction
Snapper 2nd Prize WOMENS:
Name: JANET CONN Weight: 1.660
Snapper 2nd Prize MENS:
Name: TIM O'BRIEN Weight: 1.670
Name: CHAY ELSMORE Weight: 1.090
Name: CYNTHIA WARU Weight: 0.610

Thank you to MAIN Sponsor: First National
Thank you to all other sponsors